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During their first round audition for "America’s Got Talent," the couple immediately drew gasps from the crowd as Nielsen let them know he has poor eyesight and is awaiting surgery. Nielsen has Keratoconus, a disorder in which the cornea, the eye’s curved, transparent outermost layer, becomes thin and changes into a cone shape, resulting in vision distortion.

To get to the semi-finals on Aug. 21, the couple successfully performed the executing the blindfolded aerial trapeze routine. And after adding their spinning roller-skating surrounded by fire routine to their aerial act they made it through to the finals after their Sept. 4 performance. Responding by email on Monday, Mary Ellen, said the series of live performances on TV on such a popular show has made for a lot of stress with each step up in the show.

"I still get nervous before every performance. AGT has been a great experience for us but we are definitely more nervous here than we’ve ever been at any other show, because at AGT the whole world is watching and it’s live," Wolfe-Nielsen said. "It’s the scariest thing we’ve ever done but also one of the greatest. We’ve had to push ourselves not only physically but mentally. We are grateful to be here and so grateful for the support we’ve so far."

A former lifeguard and swimming instructor at the Huntington YMCA, Wolfe-Nielsen, who is 32, got into aerial work after leaving Marshall University and continuing her theater and dance studies at the University of Utah. The couple met while working at The Mayan Adventure, a restaurant at which they would do four-story dives from an indoor waterfall into a 15-foot-pool.

The original prognosis was that Wolfe-Nielsen’s right foot would have to be amputated, and that she would never walk again. At that point, Debbie and Kim Wolfe began contacting physician friends who recommended Zach J. Tankersley, an associate professor of the Foot and Ankle Surgical Service at the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Marshall.

"When I got there, I put her into the car and drove back here. It took a couple of days to get her stabilized but he rebuilt her foot. When she was in the hospital she looked at me and said, ‘Bring my laptop and some dumbbells. I am just going to have to dance in the air.’ She started from her hospital bed Googling everything about silks and trapeze and anything she could do."

Out in L.A., the couple will have lots of supports in the audience including her mom and dad, Kim and Debbie Wolfe, Tyce’s mom Shelley Nielsen. Their son Jaxx, who Debbie has been babysitting for out in L.A. Also in attendance will be her sister Angela Wolfe Hunt, and long-time good theater friends, Kacey Gill, Shayne Gue and Whitney Jenkins.

Whatever happens, Mary Ellen said they have had a great time meeting and making friends with the other very talented contestants. "We became really close with Christina Wells, she has such a great personality and she’s so funny," Wolfe-Nielsen said. "We actually went to Houston to visit her after judge cuts. We are also really close with Daniel Emmet, he’s had a crazy journey with AGT, he didn’t make it at Judge cuts, and was brought back as a wild card. So he’s been fighting like crazy to stay in the show and it’s paid off for him, now he’s in the finals with us. We’re actually with him right now at this very moment heading to some interviews. We’ve become close with a lot of the performers, we all spend a lot of time together in rehearsals. We all respect and want the best for each other."