Mailbag the leafs’ fourth line and social media ethics – pension plan puppets

The only problem with this would be if the first/second wish blows up so badly you can no longer wish for stuff. Presumably me wishing for a billion dollars and then getting a billion dollars dropped on me, killing me, is going to be tough to come back from. Notwithstanding this, I probably wish for the moon first go and then hope the moon doesn’t land on my apartment.

Basically you can have Ennis, Leivo, or Trevor Moore at LW; Lindholm, Jooris, or even Ennis/Cracknell at C; Jooris, Kapanen, Brown, or Cracknell at RW. That said, “plausible” in terms of the Leafs right now guarantees RW is one of Kappy/Brown and I don’t think Moore is going to get in there. Ennis – Lindholm – Cracknell sounds good to me, but I could still see Babcock going with any of about twelve different options.

(2) The Leafs have a semi-window right now where they’re probably about a top-five team in the NHL, and I think that should at least last the next four years, but age is a funny thing. Three of the Leafs’ most important players are so young the window could wind up extending; of course, luck being what it is, the window could also close all of a sudden.

Honestly it would probably have to be a top-40 defenceman in the NHL and they would have to have at least two years on a not-bad contract. I recognize that just means I’m never trading Kadri, but I am strongly convinced that our three-headed monster is such a strength that trading it for less than a substantial upgrade on D. I would rather dominate at centre than at defence. VIVA LOS GOLS

Jonathan is on a train headed to Montreal to see the Habs lose. His train is travelling at a speed of 47 km/hr and leaves at 1:05 PM. Annie is on a high speed train from Montreal to Toronto cause she just can’t take the horrors of being there anymore. She left at 12:58 at a speed of 85 km/hr. Describe in words, and showing your work, exactly at what time both of them will throw up their hands in excitement at Matthews’ first hat trick against the Habs. What formulas did you use?—cagedmercury

Your wish(es? It’ll depend on his mood after the first one if you get more) WILL result in what you want happening… But if you wish for the Leafs to win the Cup, it’ll only happen with Slava Voynov and similar garbage people making up the team. If you wish for Erik Karlsson to sign with the Leafs on a drastically discounted free agent deal, he will but will then suffer a career ending injury with the league deciding he can’t be LTIRed for… Reasons.

There is a gameplay-related reason for IVs, to make it so not all monsters are the same, but for larger battle purposes it’s a pain. I don’t want to be at the mercy of whichever person spent 15 hours resetting so his Suicune had perfect IVs in Special Defence. I’d rather they all be even. EVs, however, got better in later generations, because it was cool to specialize your monster in different ways, and I think that’s legit. So…both, and neither 😛

My favourite subject was Drama (Acting isn’t just there for the DMX joke, folks) and my least favourite was probably French, although I did okay in it in high school. Assuming I can’t make up a course like “an in-depth understanding of the game Final Fantasy X”, my best grade in university was logic and my worst was French lit. Fuckin’ Emile Zola.

A lot of people immediately responded to this to point out that this song is not the worst song of all time. It isn’t, but I think we should also be clear here: that song is fucking garbage. There was a strain of rock in the 80s that was just awful, vaguely uplifting arena trash and it had all the forced enthusiasm of a Glasgow Smile. It deserves to be reviled by future generations.

“We Built This City” did win “Worst Song” contests for Blender, Rolling Stone, and GQ magazines, which were mostly focused on songs that were popular enough to really earn people’s hatred through being played a lot. There are a lot of contenders on that basis, but I will say the worst song that I’ve had to hear repeatedly is that awful “Christmas Shoes” song the radio plays every year. It is the schmaltziest, most manipulative braindead written-by-a-committee-in-a-laboratory-in-hell prefabricated button-pushing skin crawling seasonal torture rack. That song makes me hate Christmas. It makes me wish the Grinch had wiped out Whoville with bubonic plague. If ISIS were trying to recruit me they would put “WE WILL OUTLAW CHRISTMAS SHOES” on the brochure and I would honestly have to think about whether terrorism was right for me. I hate that song so much.

If you made a dumb, offensive joke when you were 15 and now you no longer make dumb, offensive jokes, I’m pretty much fine with you just saying “I’m sorry, that was dumb” and we all move on. If you recited the 14 Words and went on about how you think the Federal Reserve is a conspiracy of World Jewry, well, I probably want a sustained pattern of evidence that you’re not a neo-Nazi these days.

2) Is Disney making a mistake by firing James Gunn and standing by their decision to do so, despite (any) aforementioned statute of limitations discussed in question 1? In adding to this question, I feel that it is worth pointing out that Disney has an archive of films with questionable racial undertones and misogynistic/antiquated views on women.

I think so, yes. Ultimately it’s up to them what they want to do, but Gunn saying some super dumb-shit things on Twitter a while back when he was trying to be a taboo comedian shouldn’t damn him for all time. (The howling right-wingers who came for him, it bears mentioning, were acting in very bad faith. But Gunn did Tweet some gross things.)

3) Robert Downey Jr. is an excellent poster boy for someone with a bit of a questionable/troubled past who has undergone successful reform. If RDJ is arguably one of Disney’s biggest stars, is it not hypocritical for Disney to hold “tweets in jest” against James Gunn while continuing to parade RDJ around as one of their biggest stars? Especially given that Gunn admitted that the tweets were made in jest and has since apologized for them. You could also argue that other Disney voice actors, such as Robin Williams, Tim Allen, or Eddie Murphy have a history of offensive stand-up comedy and in some cases drug use prior to being employed by Disney (not that much different than anything Gunn said or did).

Those are kind of different things, but Disney is most certainly acting on an ad hoc basis in response to a contrived social media outcry. The difference was that there wasn’t a vocal group of people trying to get rid of RDJ, and certainly not one that would outweigh his bankability at the box office (whereas James Gunn wasn’t exactly a household name, despite being a successful director.) Money talks. Disney feared he might cause them more trouble than he was worth.

Companies are always going to be responsive to threats to their bottom line. You can say Disney is hypocritical for that, and they are, I guess, but if so I don’t know that you can banish that hypocrisy under capitalism. What it’s going to take is a cultural agreement on who qualifies to be forgiven, and cultural agreement feels a bit like it’s in short supply these days.

Some of the social media reaction to stuff is people who didn’t get a voice getting one. As much as we might roll our eyes at some things, the fact is we’re also evolving in terms of whose feelings get walked on and whose get prioritized. That’s part of social progress. It’s the next step in the same process that has made it unthinkable a major studio would release a movie like Song of the South in 2018. You can get annoyed at particular things, maybe, but we probably have to think long and hard about which things we consider worthwhile. Sometimes we gotta evolve with the times.

I had to look up what this was (a supernatural horror thriller film) and from my rapid Wikipedia scan of the material, I am unable to top your descriptions. As a rule, I think remakes of cult classics are usually doomed. “There is a fine line between the ridiculous and the sublime”; when a piece of art really nails a weird and crazy idea, it’s often pretty close to not working. Getting a bigger budget usually entails messing up the mixture.

Based solely on their Leaf tenures: Andersen, Belfour, Joseph (on his good run), Reimer, Bernier. Belfour is close to the top, but he had two excellent years and one awful one. Andersen has just had two quite good ones, so I think he wins. Joseph was a solid starter, Reimer swung wildly back and forth, and Bernier basically just had one good year. In your opinion, who leads the team in the following this year (feel free to put in a prediction as well):

If you could have any 3 members of the Leafs organization (have to pick: one management, one current Leafs player, one prospect/minor leaguer) on the podcast to answer questions/discuss random things, who would you pick and why, taking into account the fact that some players might be more candid/open than others (i.e. don’t just pick big names). I would assume you would do this anyways but wanted to clarify because otherwise the question is pretty lame and I didn’t want to seem lame.—Shield