Foil vs rotary shaver which one should you choose

Foil shavers contain a steel foil head with oscillating blades. They are typically referred to as reciprocating blades that move back and forth at high speeds. The foils have perforations which let the hair in allowing it to be cut by the blades at superfast speeds. They cut super close to the skin, and can, therefore, attain a close shave by lifting hair and getting below the skin. Advantages of a Foil Shaver Achieve a Smooth Shave

Foil shavers have varying patterns on each foil. As such, they can work on different kind of hair including coarse hair with one pass. You will find foil shavers with a short slit, a long and wide slit pattern, and a rounder hole. The guiding holes have either a wavy or hexagonal pattern to allow different lengths of hair to get through the holes.

This way, hair that is close to the skin can be raised even if it is lying flat, wavy, or coarse. Faster Shaving Time

If you are looking for speed, you might be inclined to go with a foil shaver. This is because the blades spin at high speeds and can achieve a vibration rate of up to 14,000 cycles per minute. If you want speedy grooming, then you are better off with a foil shaver. Better at Trimming Side Burns and Shaping Moustache

Cleaning a foil shaver is as easy as running it under the water or using a cleaning station to remove stuck hair and shaving cream. If you are using a cheap foil shaver, you will need to remove the foils before rinsing the shaver under running water. But if you have a high-end design, all it needs is a quick rinse, drying and lubricating the foil head.

If you like shaving using circular motions, you will find a foil shaver challenging to use. This is a crucial disadvantage since it does not fit the natural contours of the face. It, in turn, affects the overall shaving experience of a user who prefers a perfect shave while going around the face. It is Noisy

Rotary shavers have round heads with circular blades. The design of a rotary shaver usually involves three discs. They were designed by Philips which is a company that has maintained dominance in the creation of rotary shavers. Today, you will find sleek designs of this type of shavers aimed at different users.

The working of a rotary shaver is through spinning razors in the discs. They are designed to stay close to the contours of the face; it’s no wonder why both men and women prefer this type of shaver. Advantages of a Rotary Shaver Good for fast-growing, thick hair

The first attraction towards these shavers is their ability to deal with long hair. If you are not concerned with a daily shave but will mind taking it to the fourth day, this shaver is an ideal pick. These shavers are also great if you have tough skin that has endured long years of shaving. Works on coarse hair

If your hair is coarse, it will most likely grow in different directions. This shaver will get you a close shave while working on tangled hair. The close shave will not be as good as the one you can get with a disposable razor or cartridge razor, but they are worth it for keeping irritation at bay. Great for Contours

Rotary shavers can rotate their heads allowing them to make a 360-degree shave. They can bend and go around the face in all the places like under the nose and behind the ears. If you have a prominent Adam’s apple, high cheekbones, or a sharp jawline, you will be inclined to pick a rotary shaver over a foil shaver.

Rotary shavers have to be disassembled in many parts for cleaning. This makes it harder for people who want fast cleaning to go over every cleaning step and do a perfect job. It’s always important to follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s manual to keep your rotary shaver in good shaving condition. Factors that may reduce the effectiveness of a Rotary Shaver Applying more pressure than needed

You may feel the need to press a rotary shaver when trying to achieve a super close shave. But rotary shavers are not built that way. This means you will have to use a rotary shave in the manner in which it was designed, to work on hair growing in different directions. Not Giving It Proper Cleaning

If your shaver does not come with a cleaning station, it is mandatory that you clean it properly. This will ensure the blades are in tip-top working condition. Failure to clean your rotary shaver will lead to blunting of the blades. Blunt blades are useless when it comes to neat shaving. Dry Shave vs Wet Shave

When it’s all said and done, the comparison between a foil and a rotary shaver comes down to 3 things and that is the blade movement, how they follow the contours of your head and face and basically how clean of a cutting job is done. Here are the details. Blades design

Foil shavers have blades that are designed to move back and forth and that is the same motion you have to use while grooming yourself unless you want to get some unpleasant razor burns. Thanks to the foil exterior, your skin is protected from the sharp blades lying beneath the foil. As a result, you get a smooth shave that is gentle on your skin.

On the other hands is the rotary shaver. Though it might seem a bit complicated a rotary shaver works through a spinning disk and its sharp blades. The rotary shavers are designed with three discs that deliver a safe and close cut. Just as the blades move in a circular motion, so should you groom in a similar fashion. Adjusting to face or head’s contours

If you are a looking for a shaver that will work well with the contours of your face while grooming, go with a rotary shaver. Not only do they shave well even for those with long hairs but they also outperform foil shavers on flat surfaces such as your cheeks.

Foil shavers can cope well with flat surfaces, but you might end up spending more time to cover all the surfaces especially if you are going for a completely bald look. With high-end foil shavers, you can get precise cutting. But if you need a speedy shaver that works in a circular motion, a rotary shaver does a great job of conforming to your contours. Actual hair cutting and cleaning

Just how precise is your razor when it comes to achieving a clean cut? Well, mostly it depends on the model or brand you are using. While some are manufactured with low quality, others are made to give a clean cut that lasts. But when it comes to comparing a foil to a rotary shaver, the differences are clear.

Your skin’s sensitivity varies depending on how long you have been shaving. For most shavers, a foil shaver feels a bit easy on sensitive skin than a rotary shaver. However, with low quality foils shavers, you can still experience some roughness especially when the motor speed is slow. In most cases, whether you have a rotary shaver or a foil shaver, your experience will be shaped with how sensitive your skin is. Wet and dry shaving explained

As the name suggests, wet shaving will involve the use of water. Usually, you will use a manual razor, a shaving brush, and some shaving cream. Some electric shavers allow for wet shaving as well. The good thing about wet shaving is that it results in a smother and closer cut for an extremely clean look especially if you use the right technique.

Dry shaving, on the other hand, requires the use of an electric shaver and although it might not produce a cut as clean as wet shaving, it is a shaving technique that most men with sensitive skin can benefit from since it’s fast and less irritating to the skin. In fact, dry shaving can be done pretty much anywhere unlike wet shaving that requires you to have a set up in the bathroom. After you have finished shaving

So you are done shaving now what next. Well after a clean shave the best way to keep your skin protected is to wash off the remaining hair with cold water. The reason why cold water is often recommended is that it helps to close down the pores of your skin to keep germs from getting into your skin. Plus, you can also use an alcohol-free shave cream or balm to condition and hydrate your skin.

Obviously, since you are no longer a teenager, this type of acne is not the same acne that is associated with adolescence. It’s a different type of acne that forms when your skin gets irritated and hair follicles get clogged up thus forming the red bumps on your skin. It’s usually the dead skin cells that end up blocking the hair follicles thus causing the irritation after shaving. So how do you get rid of this type of acne? Well, here are a few methods you can use:

• Applying shaving cream – If you are wet shaving, chances are you are cutting too close to the skin and some of the dead skin cells will definitely end up clogging your hair follicles. By simply applying some shaving cream, you can reduce this effect and prevent acne pimples from forming on your skin. Go with a thinner shaving cream as they produce better results than rivals.

• Do not go against the grain – Here it’s all about your shaving technique. Going against the grain puts a lot more strain to your hair follicles and the result is a discomforting irritation. Prevent this by shaving down and not up against the grain.

• Buy an electric razor – This is a great option for those with sensitive skin. Since an electric razor does not cut as close to the skin as wet shaving with a blade, it rarely causes acne breakout and it tends not to cut them too much dead skin in the process. If you don’t like electric shavers, go with a single-blade razor. Be careful however as single blade razors require advanced shaving techniques.

• Use warm water and a mild-alcoholic free toner – after you are done shaving, first rinse your face with some warm water. You can do the same even before shaving if you are wet shaving. By rinsing your skin with warm water, you make your skin more supple while preparing your hair for a cut. You can also apply an antibacterial gel or some mild alcohol-free toner to kill the bacteria that cause acne under your skin.

Apart from the speed of an electric shaver one of the biggest concerns that most users have about their electric shaver (foil or rotary shaver) is the battery life and portability. In terms of portability, most electric shavers are compact enough for travel. When it comes to an electric shaver’s battery life you can get the best out of your electric shaver by simply charging the battery in the right way. Here is what you need to do:

• Next, you need to consider what type of battery you have. Batteries made of Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) are known to hold more charge with Lithium Ion batteries coming in second and Nickel –Cadmium batteries being the poorest at charge retention.

Even though corded shavers are outdated nowadays, they still offer the convenience of not thinking about charging. You can also pick a plug-in shaver or a battery powered shaver depending on how you like it. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 3100

If you are looking for an entry level shaver that is pocket-friendly, the Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 is a good choice. It comes with a comfortable cutting blade system and a pop-up trimmer at the back of the shaver which can be quite handy for cutting your goatee or sideburns into shape.

At a slightly higher price than the Norelco 3100, the Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 brings about some quality premium features in a cheaper electric shaver. It is designed to fulfill the needs of men looking for a shaver that will follow the contours of their faces for a clean and close shave.

Most shavers nowadays are battery powered hence the biggest concern for any user is how long the battery lasts. Here you get what you pay for. Higher end models provide quality lithium-ion batteries that can last on a full charge for a week.

It’s a good choice to go with a shaver that gives you the option of shaving both wet and dry. Considering wet and dry shaving both come with a different set of pros and cons for different people, getting a shaver that allows you the convenience is a safe choice. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

This Series 9 Braun shaver is a successor to the Series 7 and was released back in 2015. It is one of the most advanced premium shavers you will find out there as it features a new silver color treatment not to mention an automatic charging and cleaning station.

It boasts of a capacity to capture more hair thanks to 1000 per minute micro vibrations that give you an effective shave. It has 3 personalization modes that allow you to switch from an extra sensitive shaving mode to an intense mode depending on your skin

Look, even though many guys are curious about using their foil or rotary shaver on their pubic hair, it is a totally bad idea. You see, both rotary and foil shavers have blades that move fast either in an oscillating motion or a circular motion making them quite risky for your private parts. Plus, it’s hard to adopt a back and forth or circular shaving motion for your pubic hair as it grows in different directions. The best solution here is to get a proper pubic hair trimmer.

Choosing between a foil and electric shaver comes down to your preferences and personal taste. We believe we have shed enough light on these shavers with the hope this information will guide you as you pick your next shaver. Being electric shavers, you have the convenience of close shaving without common irritation caused by razors.