Focus ~ american midterm elections

Some folks would prefer to keep politics on the periphery of awareness. They may not bother to vote, or they may vote just the way they and their family have always voted. I have a brother who felt quite separate from the political process, saying it was none of his business.

Everything changes, and we’re all in an accelerated and dynamic state right now. Non-attachment and fluidity serve well. Never-before energies are saturating the planet and causing us Human folk to be changed and activated and upgraded in ways we don’t even understand yet.

In the wake of the Qanon phenomenon, my previously apolitical brother has become quite interested in the process. He’s now registered to vote for the first time in actual decades, and our conversations have been very juicy.

I’m loving this new thing of being on the same spiritual and political page as my Bro.

Perhaps we have a lot more of that kind of thing to look forward to. Many of us have felt isolated from like-minded folk for quite a long while. We can’t make anyone see what we see, but we can sure be happy farmers planting seeds all over the place. You never know when one of those seeds will sprout and start to see sunlight.

On July 2, 2013, the U.S. repealed the Propaganda Ban that made it legal to spread government-made news to Americans. (1) The people who hold power on this planet by whatever means know full well that We the People are literally unstoppable when we’re informed, and united in vision and purpose. Directing popular public opinion is the coveted goal of those who would control.

I have to say that logic and clear thinking would be best to rely on rather than emotion right now. The stream of information provided by Q and followed-up by a clever band of patriotic Anons actually has given me a sense of peace about the current unfolding. We’re always guessing at what’s true, and we trust that our decisions will be wise when we’re choosing what hopefully is the highest and best for all concerned.

We’re all so leery of being misled that even potential allies can be imagined as being dangerous to our continued peace of mind. Aren’t we the creators of our reality? Do we trust ourselves enough yet to feel in our bones what’s in alignment with us and what isn’t?

POTUS and Q have given plenty of evidence that they run side by side. The President may not be someone that you aspire to be like, and that’s alright. He’s been a powerful global presence for much of his life, though, and he knows how the powerful and wealthy operate.

What if he took the job not for fame (he’s had it in plenty), not for money (also not an issue at any point in his life) … but for reasons perhaps no one might have guessed. Maybe Donald Trump actually does want to see the Country and her people thrive. Maybe he actually cares about the entire world, and so is dedicating this part of his life, literally every moment of his existence, to changing the way things are. I’m going with that one…

This isn’t even a Democrat v Republican thing, because both parties have been guilty of rampant corruption. It’s always fun, though, to see a formerly hated and reviled member of Congress flip overnight into a passionate defender of the Constitution and the rights of the people to know stuff and not be lied to. This two-party system offers only the illusion of choice, when in truth it’s just two sides of the same dirty coin.

Q has stated that our elections are safe. What a delicious thought that is … so I’ll go with that, too. Things that never are addressed by our leaders are being spoken of and resolved now. If you’re paying attention, it isn’t such a stretch to feel truly hopeful that this place is getting the scrub that we all so dearly long for.

And finally, a reader wrote in asking if voting Republican is our only hope for removing the Deep State. There never is only one road to a place, and there’s so much more at play in the world than these American mid-term elections. However, given the massive amount of information that’s been made available, we have more than enough to choose a way forward. Ask for guidance and trust that you’ll know what to do.

It’s not our place to say who to vote for. The balance of power is the main event right now. Just like having a 5-4 conservative SCOTUS majority in order to legally and successfully implement military tribunals, Trump needs a Congressional majority to get the clean-up of our governmental body into high gear.

That old saying about choosing your battles? We really have to, right now. Environmentally, it’s hard to imagine clean-up being a priority in a corrupt government. First things first. For once, we’re going right to the heart of darkness to clear it out and be able to live our lives in peace and prosperity.