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As we enter the final week of games, 3 more players finalized their endorsement deals to keep their teams in the black (as far as keeping their money). Some players are treading a thin line on whether it will happen or not. Then of course we have a few that better get their pulses checked as they may need to be dragged across the finish line.

Anton Babchuk (D) (PIT) – While it isn’t news that Mr. Babchuk completed his requirements for HITS to complete his endorsement, what is news, is how long it took him. Skimming in with just 4 games remaining may be the only disappointing aspect of Anton’s game.

Mike Komisarek (D) (COL) – Yet another hard hitting D-man that waited until the final moments to close things out. He averaged 235.2 hits a year during his tour with Montreal and stepped it up a bit last year with 244 in Colorado.

Despite the disappointing year for Colorado, Mike has been a bright spot for the team.

Jonathan Bernier (G) (NJD) – While not considered a "winning" goaltender, Mr. Bernier can steal the hearts of the ladies more often than games. However, it wasn’t a stretch to think he could have a better season than last year’s 16 win campaign. His 21st win the other night was enough to make the Jersey brass happy about their endorsement selection this year around.

Tampa Bay has a pair in Rinne and and Hall. Without an act of the SIM Gods, and a couple shutouts, Rinne most likely won’t hit his Wins or GAA marks but he is awefully close to the Save % numbers needed. Hall is in the same boat as he 2 goals and just 1 point from closing it out. With 3 games left, the odds are that both of these stars will make their marks.

Nashville has a team endorsement as well as one with McCollum. McCollum will surprisingly no make his Win endorsement, but his stellar season will close it out for both endorsements. His current GAA is at 2.20 and the team has only allowed 180 goals. These numbers are well below the 2.30 GAA he needs to remain under as well as the 205 goals the team needs to keep out. With 3 games (CBJ, DAL, NJD) remaining on their schedule its a verifiable lock that these get met.

Our final man on the fence is Erik Ersberg in Edmonton. While not likely to hit his wins or shutouts, he is just 62 shots shy of hitting his shots faced mark. With 3 games remaining and the team averaging 27.9 shots per game, its a safe bet that he makes it, if he plays all 3 games.

NYI – What can we say here. The team has been GM-less most of the year and unfortunately it shows. What was once a dynasty, the players have gotten old and young blood hasn’t been infused enough to keep them going (please see – Chicago Blackhawks – NHL). Ezhov may have a slim chance to make his shots endorsement but Fabien Brunnstrom is far off from any of his marks.

Andy Rogers (D) (CGY) – What happened here? This man has not had less than 240 hits in a season since his 3rd year in the league (178) when he became a staple of what a hard-hitting d-man should be. He punished 331 (YES, that many) in 2014 and averaged 289.6 over his last 5 years so it was a safe bet to say he’d make 230, right? With just 166 this season, he has brought shame to his family and to the organization in which he represents. Is it time for this Goliath to hang up the skates and walk off into the sunset?