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The birth-plane of Elves, Gnomes, Satyr, Hags, Goblins and Eladrin. A bordering parallel realm to our own, rather than a fundamental part of it like Elemental Sphere and Celestial Realm. First ruled by a creator race called ‘The LeShay’ precursor to Eladrin and Elves. The only surviving members of that race is the LeShay Royal family, rulers of the Elven Courts. The biggest differences of this realm is the temporal shift, time moving much faster in the deeper parts of the Feywild than ours. This can make determining distances impossible, for a journey can take a few hours or a few weeks depending on how bent time is at the location at that moment. * Astrazalian, The Court of Summer & Spring

The heart of the fey world, built with emerald crystal upon golden brick, this palace is nestled within the heart of the Summer-lands surrounded with a heavily magical forest and soft grass under toe.

Beautiful flowers bloom every few feet, and marble statues rest in the wide open spaces, dabbled sunlight sprinkles through the leaves. Everything about this realm is picturesque and well tended by the LeShey’s countless slaves and followers, which hints towards the darker vein of this realm. Courtiers disintegrated for an errant blemish or pimple of their skin, slaves forced to work in tight and heavily embroidered coats in oppressive heat. The beautiful ways of the seelie court are no less brutal and cruel than their unseelie kin, merely surface deep.

Erlking Oberon LeShey: King of the Seelie, and overlord for elves and eladrin. Master of Infernos, his rages are legendary resulting in him incinerating the subject of this wrath, or if no one expendable is immediately available, burning down half of the Summerlands for his slaves to meticulously restore. Oberon is obsessed with forces-at-arms ever since the fall of Mithrendain the Autumn City, and has a massive standing army he keeps ready at any moment. Some claim the king has become paranoid, increasingly so after the slow death and disappearance of all the Unaligned LeShey peoples.

Queen Miranda LeShey: Queen of the Seelie, and mistress of the dryad, nymph and treant, the Seelie fey creatures of the summer and spring forests. Her cunning and deviousness knows no bounds, locked in eternal power struggles with the other female LeShey’s, her sister Tatiana and daughter Cinderella. She is obsessed with the beauty of the realm, believing she inherited the curse of her father the Fisher-King, and that any despoiling of the realm shall diminish her beauty and power.

Princess Cinderella LeShey: Heir of the Seelie Court, mistress of the fairies and small woodland creatures. Although her powers are diminished compared to her parents, her reach and wit are greater. Cinderella sees herself involved with the dramas of the realm to ease her great boredom and ennui. Anyone able to entertain her or interest hers is an ally, an allegiance as fickle disastrous as her fathers temper. * Shinaelestra, The Gloaming Court

Situated in the heart of the Winter woods, in a dark and dreary corner of the Feywild, lies the Unseelie court. A court of powerful fey of unrivaled power bound together in protection against Oberon. Their great crime, their horrifying visage. The unseelie fey are ironically some of the most magically potent and cunning, able to exist without pleasing the Summer Court. Now that the gloaming court is established, attracting followers of strength and stories of horror. Even though these creatures are victim of the whims of the beautiful, they are still fey to their bones. Existing with their vanity and trickery even while it disgusts them. Not that all unseelie fey are ugly, their is beauty amongst the winter fey that cannot stand the heat and light of the summer court. Though in the court itself, beauty is often a hint to weakness.

Queen Tatiana LeShey: The Queen of Air and Darkness, mistress of the Unseelie Fey, hags and quicklings. She was the queen of the summer once upon a time, but was scared in the face by her daughter Miranda to steal her place in court. Her powers are incredible, and so rather than risk her great skills, Oberon banished her to this far flung corner of the world, to tend to the fey he deemed unacceptable in his perfect world. Tatiana became bitter and jealous, striking back in subtle back-stabs and political maneuvering against her husband and daughter, but has a soft spot for her granddaughter Cinderella.

Warlord Vor Thomil: Leader of the Fomorians, a branch of Giantkin who moved to the Feywild in the height of the Dragon Wars. They loved and laughed and lived in the summer court, leveraging their beauty to a life of luxury. Eventually that all came to an end after it was found they were forming a cabal of Elven followers to worship and protect themselves from Giant reprisal for their desertion. Oberon cursed them with purple skin and great warts and boils, twisting their visage and carefully crafted image.

Nachtur, Last of the Pansaer: Ruler of all the living goblinkin of the Feywilds. Nachtur betrayed the goblins and lead to their expulsion into the material plane, resulting in many of them dying from it’s dimished magical force. His reward was to live amongst the fey, but because of his ugly appearance could only do so in the Unseelie Court. He ruled here in Oberon’s steed for millennia until Tatiana was banished, where he now tries to undermine her and keep loyal to Oberon still. * The Misty Moors of Murkendraw

The misty moors is one of the most magically potent places of the Feywild, laying on a conflux of ley-lines that intersect with other worlds. Which suits the locals just fine, hunters and predating fey who enjoy mortal sport and blood. Fey which do not enjoy the mincing of words and are more straightforward than their courtly cousins are attracted to this place, and the ghostly ‘Wild Hunt’. A barely understood mystical event which seizes the powered in this place to join a host of bloodthirsty ghostly horseman and hell hounds. Beware the Misty Moors traveler, but give up all hope once you hear the baying of the hounds. No one escapes the Wild Hunt.

Herne ‘the Hunter’ LeShey: Undisputed leader of the Wild Hunt, Herne hunts quarry even when not possessed. Some theorize that the Wild Hunt only exists to fufil his overwhelming desire to pursue and catch quarry. But at least in this form, he can be reasoned with and bargained with. He is never attack someone he cannot see as prey, whether from seen and understood quality of strength and fearlessness, or sheer lack of challenge to his enormous ego. More than a few mortals have told tales of being his companion on a great hunt, where he finds creatures and monsters of another realm and brings them here to his favourite hunting ground.

Kringle Vadderung LeShey: The gifter, Kringle is a great fan of Pacts and Bargains of honor. He has tales of a legendary encounter oil wrestling the deity Uthgard in his mortal life, where he gifted him an enchanted scabbard which guaranteed his blood never spilt. The legend has such great regard he is often recalled fondly my Uthgardian children as a benign gift giving uncle-figure called Kringle Claus, or Santa Claws in Tethyrian. In reality he is a calculating auger of people, peering into the future to judge possibility, constructing entire encounters to best keep his legend alive and bring hapless wonderers onto the Moors. A honeypot if you will.

Mag Tureah: The original Lycanthrope, cursed after a great insult to one of the Fey Gods of old by eating an apple of everlasting sustenance. An unfortunate condition in a land with permanent moonlight plains. He ran through the land hunting for prey and baying at the moon in repentance of his original sin. Because of his infinite rage but non-existent appetite, many survived this attacks, only to carry the curse out into the world. Now he wanders the moors, weeping for this past, unable to create his future with the curse lifted. * Hedgewick, The Bespoken Realm

The way between ways, the endless hedge-mazes of illusion and trickery sit here. One of the main gateways into the fey realm. Many a power hungry being hides here, both too unsightly for the summer and too weak for the winter, hoping to ensnare mortals into Fey Pacts of power. Gnomes roam amongst the edges of the realm, crafting the many illusions and trickery that keep his place the vault of forgotten things that it is.

Baba Yaga: She dwells within a dilapidated hut that appears to be set on stilts just above the surface of the swamp waters, stilts than can transform into giant chickens feet at a moments breath. She often takes the form of an old human woman, a friendly old earth mother or a terrifying crone depending on what suits her. Baba Yaga is pure evil, but she can be bargained with. Like the fomorians, hags crave power, although their agendas are far more subtle. Baba Yaga is willing to trade secret for secret. but of all the fey, Baba Yaga’s bargains are the most treacherously worded. Few are wise enough to outwit her, and the truly wise don’t even try. Tatiana does not even tolerate her in the Gloaming Court, least she betray her with every beat of her heart.

Pan, King of the Satyr: Created in a bargain between the gods to create the perfect male lover, some horrible madness must have gotten into the divine process. While raw masculinity was certainly crafted, his goat legs, rams horns and comically oversized genitals speak to poor decisions. Pan, for his part, fathered an entire race of children in a few short centuries. Jealous with his success the Elven gods cursed the Satyr to spoil their social supremacy, and allow their chosen ones, the Eladrin and LeShay, to rise again to the forefront. Pan, fled into the deepest parts of the Hedgewick Maze least he cause even more trouble for his people.

Fathaghn, King of the Gnomes: Keeper of the mazes, the gnomes tend to the hedges and craft the illusions in it’s heart. It was this eternal task for which they were first created, and this place where the Imaskari first kidnapped them and forever linked the material plane and Feywild. The gnomes that remain here are far more magically active than their material cousins, but they still share and hold kinship with their race. And Fathaghn chief amongst them.