Essential oils for regrowing hair – hair loss in women

As much as possible we try to give you reliable information to regrow your hair. We are open to all of the options available, but we try to find solutions that are confirmed by scientific research. There aren’t a lot of studies to show the effectiveness of essential oils for regrowing hair, but there are a few. Essential Oils For Stress Release

Case Western Reserve University published a study in which they compared identical twins with different life experiences. They found that when one of the twins experienced significantly more stress, she was three times more likely to experience hair loss. The author of the study is Bahman Guyuron MD, a professor at Case Western Reserve. Dr. Guyuron explains, “ Stress releases cortisol, which produces waste products around hair follicles, making them deteriorate.”

Candle diffuser: You put a few drops of the oil on a diffuser, which should consist of a heat-resistant material, and there’s space below where you light a candle which will heat the area above that has the essential oil. The drawbacks of this method it that it doesn’t produce a very strong concentration.

Nebulizing Diffuser: This is our favorite as there’s no heat or flames, no water, no plastic, just put the oil in the diffuser and turn the unit on. It makes a slight humming sound, and within minutes you will smell the oil. Our choice: Dark Radiance by Organic Aromas. Essential Oils For Regrowing Hair

In the United Kingdom, there was a 7-month study done in 1998 by researchers at the Department of Dermatology that concluded that essential oils can treat alopecia areata (an autoimmune disease resulting in bald patches). The oils used in the study were:

The theory is that essential oils regrow hair because they stimulate blood vessels in the scalp where the hair follicles are located. This results in more blood flow, which brings nutrients to the hair follicle. Note that this won’t work if the hair follicles are already dead. If hair follicles are dead, the only option is a hair transplant.

The base of jojoba oil is called a carrier, which also can provide nutrition and conditioning for the scalp. Other recommended carriers are arnica, macadamia, coconut, calendula, borage, and evening primrose. How To Use Essential Oils For Regrowing Hair

Some people recommend bending over after your massaging the oils into your scalp, so your head is below your heart, to increase the blood flow. You can then massage your scalp a little bit more to facilitate more blood reaching the hair follicles.

Be sure to consult with your doctor before choosing this plan of treatment. While essential oils have not shown any adverse effects in the studies we shared here, it is important to ensure that they are safe for you to use. Essential oils can cause allergic reactions and sometimes can irritate the skin. It is also important to check that any medications you are taking will not be affected by the use of essential oils. Other Oils For Hair Loss

These oils haven’t been studied, but some people claim success with scalp massages using coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil. Also, there are theories the massage itself increases blood flow to the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth. If you use coconut oil and you live in a cold climate, you’ll need to gently warm the oil so it becomes liquid. It only needs to be 76 degrees to become liquid.