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Combinations of up to 5 antibiotics may work against resistant e coli

A 2018 E coli outbreak in 36 states linked to contaminated romaine lettuce was the largest E coli outbreak since 2006, leading to 210 reported cases, 96 hospitalizations, and 5 deaths. While most intestinal E. coli infections pass within a

Plano newborn fights meningitis – plano profile connecting collin county

In retrospect, the seizure activity had started days before: a strange fluttering of the eyes and a rhythmic jerking of her head. But it was so brief, gone before my tired mind had even registered it, that we had no

Interview the lovely eggs speak ahead of this is eggland roadmender gig – northampton chronicle and echo

A – “It’s been building for a while now, we’ve been going for 12 years. This album has changed things for us, we started selling out our gigs before the album came out which is amazing. When the album came

Panic and pandemic the 1918 spanish flu the courier

Not long before, there had been epidemics of cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and malaria, as well as high maternal and infant mortality. But more medical treatments had been introduced, along with more modern water and sewer systems, and better nutrition. Life

Is the all meat diet good for people with diabetes

In 2010, my husband, who has type 1 diabetes, started the paleo diet. In those days it was still often referred to as the caveman diet, and it was just starting to catch on among food bloggers. When my husband

Proud natalie pays tribute to her inspirational dad as thousands of scots get pretty muddy renfrewshire news

But Natalie, a former media student at the City of Glasgow College, will forever be thankful to her mum Lorna Calderwood who was a near perfect match and donated the stem cells which have given her a second shot at

Flu vaccine rates could drop, raising public health concerns (1) bloomberg law

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last year’s flu shot had lower effectiveness rates compared to previous vaccines. Public health scholars, drug company executives, and others expressed concern to Bloomberg Law that the news about last year’s flu

Measles comes to houston – tmc news

Then on Sept. 6, the City of Houston released a statement saying a North Texas resident with measles may have exposed Southwest Airlines passengers to the virus. The patient, who was contagious at the time of travel, connected flights at

How emts and doctors treat cannabis overconsumption leafly

And we should note that we are not talking about the growing crisis surrounding so-called synthetic marijuana, a manufactured drug often found in states where marijuana remains illegal. There have been terrifying reports about people overdosing on synthetic marijuana with

The real lizzie borden den of geek

The pioneering 19th century Fall River, Mass., woman who got heads rolling even got away with it. Lizzie Borden was tried, acquitted, and went on to live a fairly full and crime-free life, give or take a charge of kleptomania.

Radio campaign saved lives in burkina faso – borgen

SEATTLE — Between 2012 and 2015, a mass radio campaign saved lives by increasing the number of medical consultations and diagnoses in Burkina Faso. By urging treatment for malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea in children, the radio campaign led to 3,000

Getting the upper hand on superbugs – scientific american blog network

In the past, every advance in treatment opened a window of virtually unchecked efficacy. Resistant bacterial strains inevitably evolved—but when they did they were met with new, improved antibiotics. Today, however, the evolution of resistance, fueled by the overuse and

Countries in americas can end preventable child mortality by reaching most vulnerable

Countries in the region of the Americas have made major advances in reducing child mortality rates, but progress in terms of burden of disease and coverage of health interventions remains unevenly distributed. To end preventable child mortality, more must now

Lower respiratory tract infection – Wikipedia

give an account of the bulge or excitement of the bronchial tubes. Additionally, bronchitis is described as either sagacious or continuing contingent its presenting and is besides also described near the abortifacient factor. Keen bronchitis buoy be outlined as sudden