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4 Compelling reasons you need to be more self-aware smartbrief

The way we perceive ourselves is distorted, but most of us are not self-aware enough to recognize it! If we don’t want to be known as stingy, arrogant or self-righteous, we don’t look for those qualities in ourselves. Of course,

Stress and anxiety among mobile workers costs us and uk economies over 10 billion per year

The strain of dealing with device issues in the field, such as battery failure or crashing apps, led to 16% of mobile workers taking at least one day off work in the last year due to the resulting stress or

Taking breaks at work acts as a productivity booster – newsday zimbabwe

MANY of us devote our work time sitting at a desk, staring at the computer screen, straining our eyes trying to finish tasks given. A workday without any breaks drains our mental capacity and lowers productivity and that is what

Climate activists say women are key to solving the climate crisis

Last week’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco resounded with calls for the world to avert global catastrophe by transitioning away from fossil fuels and into a clean energy economy. During the three-day conference, heads of state, policymakers, scientists,

Services best of ventura county 2018 vc reporter southland publishing

Ventura County’s first, and only, “cat-fe” features a large room stocked with all the perches, tunnels and scratching posts every kitty craves. Resident foster cats (from kittens up to seniors) wander around at their leisure, while couches, chairs and ottomans

Life after zinc oxide – 3 tips for tackling post-weaning diarrhoea – the pig site

During weaning, the piglet is changed from a liquid diet to dry feed. The animal also has to adapt to new housing, often with new pen mates. This period of multiple stressors results in a dramatic decrease in feed consumption,

Papua new guinea retakes investor temperature asia times

Papua New Guinea, after a failed sales attempt two years ago, began a global road show for a $500 million inaugural bond to relieve a chronic foreign currency crunch, as emerging and frontier market issuance vanished in recent months with

With top-level vacancies looming, companies turn more proactive hunt scanlon media

October 3, 2018 – Companies in a number of industries are facing a potential C-suite challenge – an alarming lack of qualified candidates to fill roles that are likely to become vacant, due to retirement and other factors, in the

Music interview carolina story the young folks

Ben: I think it definitely has naturally taken … It’s harder and harder to find that time to write and to allow the creative processes to unfold. That typically, for me, leads to a lot less sleep because the kids

Adobe buys marketo who wins, who to watch zdnet

Marketo’s primary competitors include: Salesforce (mostly Pardot, but also parts of the Marketing Cloud); Oracle (mostly Eloqua, but also BlueKai, Responsys, and Content Marketing); IBM (currently called Watson Campaign Automation, but in reality a mash-up of the former Unica product,

Nylon questions how can an analytic approach be applied to rest and injury prevention

One improper cut. One mistimed jump. One off-balance dive. That’s all it takes to hear a dreaded “pop” or to pull up limping. Human bodies are marvels of engineering, but when subjected to the rigors of professional athletics at the

Busan film fest bounces back in familiar hands asia’s largest movie event is packed with films from 79 countries-inside korea joongang daily

The stars will be shining bright when the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) kicks off this evening in the southern port city. Actors Han Ji-min and Kim Nam-gil will host the opening ceremony for the festival which is set to

Breaking the silence around mental health science aaas

I had decided to give this talk because I was tired of keeping this secret. But it wasn’t just that. I also knew of many other graduate students who were going through similar challenges. For all of us, the stigma

Emtech responsibly sourced gold via blockchain

When it comes to supply chains, proponents say blockchain — specifically, distributed ledger technology (DLT) — holds promise. Writ large, some observers say blockchain has the potential to disrupt the way business is done, as goods are sourced and brought to market, especially