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Gamasutra egor yusov’s blog – comparison and analysis of gpu resource update strategies

Efficiently supplying data to the graphics processing unit (GPU) is essential for a 3D renderer or any other application that harnesses the power of modern GPUs. As CPU and GPU usually have separate memory systems and perform operations in different

Will politicians’ latest try overhaul public higher ed governance in north dakota

Driven by the state’s disruption-minded Republican governor, Doug Burgum, they could recommend new boards be created to separately govern the state’s research universities, four-year universities and community colleges. That would mean significant changes for North Dakota, where a State Board

2019 Lamborghini aventador svj review

But this phase of the cooking is actually called “the stall” and you have to push through that, keep cooking slowly, for a few more hours, and the temperature will rise to the finished 205 degrees, for a perfect brisket.

Paris agreement can the trapped paris climate agreement be rescued

The Paris Climate Agreement has been hanging from a cliff right from the day US President Donald Trump, a year back, announced his official plan to withdraw from it. Though hundreds of American mayors and thousands of businesses — and

Wild at heart blu-ray review slant magazine

A large part of the exhilaration of David Lynch’s art resides in its fearlessness. Lynch is a surrealist who appears to possess unusual access to his subconscious, allowing his taboo urges and anxieties to seemingly drift across the canvas or

Week 5 is complete ncaa football news and notes for october 1, 2018

After each scored a win over another top-10 team over the weekend, both Ohio State and Notre Dame have moved up the polls accordingly. Ohio State narrowly knocked off Penn State in Happy Valley, earning them a trip up to

There will be no second ark – the state press

There is a dark side to environmental activism, one unconcerned with hugging trees and rather convicted in its authority to burn them down. Not the living ones, of course — rather the dead, milled, compressed and, sometimes, constructed ones. They

Forza horizon 4 review

Forza Horizon 4 puts everything together. It’s the most complete racing game that I have ever played, and there’s no stone left unturned here. It has a plenty of single-player content, races, and side activities to keep the offline fans

Top five things not to miss in blato

1) Linden tree line – That is most probably the first thing you’ll notice when you come to Blato is a line of trees along the main road that goes through Blato. It was planted in 1911 and has had

New clark county manager shawn henessee weathers the storm

“It’s, candidly, been one of the most intense learning experiences I’ve had, even more so than the beginning of law school or anything,” Henessee says. “Even though I’ve got a lot of experience in county government, there’s so many myriad

Baby walkers cause thousands of er visits every year, experts warn self

Seemingly innocent baby walkers are being called out as a serious safety hazard for American children. A new study shows that the devices have caused hundreds of thousands of ER visits in the U.S. over the past 25 years. Significantly,

The wild west of data risk management in the age of cloud, mobile and digital transformation

As enterprises undergo digital transformation and explore new opportunities offered by cloud technology, many lose sight of the digital risks they’ve encountered along the way. Like the pioneers who headed into the Wild West more than a century ago, companies

Shadow of the tomb raider review –

Ambitious in its narrative scope, with often brilliant moments of scripted action and contemplative and treacherous exploration through a jungle and its ruins – Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a fitting end to an origin story, one that has

Searching for relief from the headaches facing the merchant power sector

Unlike their regulated counterparts, merchant power generators have increasingly struggled to compete over the last few years and the outlook for many is that this won’t change any time soon. While regulated power companies often enjoy near monopolies in their