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Launchpad anti-spoofing, gnss receivers, mobile kit gps world

The Net20 Pro provides high-quality data for users interested in the proximity and reliability of a reference station while eliminating real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections service charges. It uses multi-frequency, 555-channel technologies in a rugged casing to deliver accurate and effective

Tarun tahiliani talks bridal style, bollywood fashionistas – khaleej times

For all those brides looking towards Bollywood for inspiration this wedding season, ace designer Tarun Tahiliani has one piece of advice. "What fits Katrina or Deepika’s 5ft7" zero size bodies are not good for every bride." It’s indeed a stern

Does smiling really mean you’re happy science says a smile reveals more than you think

Does anyone else feel like a fraud whenever they casually add a “lol” to the end of a text, specifically when nothing you’re discussing is even all that funny? I mean, seriously, does anyone write "laugh out loud" and actually

Ancestry 5 things to know about family tree research

Interestingly, both tests were clear on something curious about the Native American roots everyone insisted were there: They weren’t! The fact is that only one in 20 African-Americans have any significant amount of Native DNA. Even Dr. Henry Louis Gates,

Weekly insights into word concepts in torah breishit – israel national news

Furthermore, why do we read " But of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat of it, for on the day that you eat thereof, you shall surely die."( ibid 2:17). We also are told about the

Procalcitonin measurement for effective antibiotic stewardship technology networks

Since the discovery of penicillin in 1928, antibiotics have helped to save millions of lives worldwide. However, overuse of these medications has contributed to the rapid emergence of antimicrobial resistance, the process by which a micro-organism such as a bacterium,

What is cbd – cbd oil benefits for runners

However, the 2014 federal farm bill allowed for “research” cultivation and marketing of industrial hemp if those activities aren’t in violation of state laws. Only four states—Idaho, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas—have strict no-CBD laws. Since 2014, there has been

Book extract a mind full of choices

by Richard Shotton ( @rshotton) Your main task this afternoon is to interview the last two candidates for the position of manager on your team. At the close of the second interview you realise both candidates have the same relevant

Health beat cdc rates of 3 stds in us reach record high – wfmz

"It is time that President Trump and [Health and Human Services] Secretary [Alex] Azar declare STDs in America a public health crisis," said David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. "What goes along with that is

Congress prepares to punt controversies

Under a new, 21-page action plan, which was developed to reflect FDA’s broader antimicrobial resistance strategy and released on Friday (Sept. 14), CVM has committed to making efforts between 2019 and 2021 to bring the remaining 5% of medically important

The b-list punching up, not down comedy that never takes cheap shots the times

8. JIM GAFFIGAN. Definitely the biggest "household" name on this list thanks to his Comedy Central specials and late night appearances, Gaffigan has some side-splitting bits about food that everyone needs to hear — especially his eight-minute monologue on bacon.

Myers-briggs and other mirrors for the soul christianity today

Without knowing its origins, however, one might mistake it for the anthem of our own day. Our society is infused with self: self-discovery, self-help, selfies. Knowing thyself seems to be the root of our daily existence. Yet, for all our

Fayetteville city council recap sept. 18, 2018 fayetteville flyer

Discussion: Council member Marsh said the Town & Gown Advisory Committee nominee (Marsha Scott) works with the University of Arkansas as a consultant, and that the council needs to clarify what it means by an “at large” member, which is

How to make getting tested for stis less scary, according to experts

These two things are both true: STIs are more common than many people think, and testing for STIs does not have to be as scary as it sometimes seems. But when the risk is real of testing positive, and the