Breakdown of toronto’s high-tech tooth whitening services view the vibe toronto

Teeth whitening has become more popular with the rise of Facebook and Instagram, and the growing availability of the service is making it ubiquitous. There’s over five thousand dentists in the downtown core, and thousands more dental offices thrive in the surrounding boroughs and suburbs. All clinics now offer some type of teeth whitening service to their patients, but most websites do not specifically name the brand of technology they prescribe. Patients seeking a particular brand name service often have to call around and ask the staff at the front desk.

Some dental offices have more than one choice on the menu, but its unlikely that all hygienists employed there have been trained in each different system. Consumers who call or visit Archer Dental for teeth whitening are presented with a choice between two different services.

Patients at the Rosedale location can select from either, or Venus Whitening Max and although these are two competing systems most patients would hardly know the difference.

GLO Science PRO WHITE is an in-office teeth whitening treatment that combines GLO warming heat and light with professional strength whitening gel. GLO is the new kid on the block. The system appeared last year and is taking over Toronto one dental office at a time. GLO stands for Guided Light Optics (GLO) and their device innovation combines warming heat + light in a closed-system mouthpiece which activate their whitening gel in a low oxygen environment. Below is a photo of Dr. Natalie Archer getting the treatment herself before deciding to feature the product and service in two of her three clinics across the city.

Smartbleach 3LT treatment combines an intense green light (but NOT a laser) with a red alkaline gel to create an intense whitening effect within the tooth structure. Smartbleach markets their service as a non-acidic tooth whitening process. This light activated process could mean that Smartbleach 3LT creates whitening without any dehydration or demineralisation of the teeth.

Opalescence Boost offers the the strongest compound on the market. Their chemically activated power whitening gel, when properly mixed, weighs in at 40% hydrogen peroxide! The bleach is activated using the syringe to syringe method (combining gels A and B) and so it also does not require heat or lights to work. The first syringe contains 38 percent hydrogen peroxide, the active tooth whitening ingredient. The second syringe contains fluoride and potassium nitrate (PF), which helps strengthen tooth enamel, reduce sensitivity and protect against cavities. When mixed together the gel becomes a distinct red colour and this informs the practitioner that it’s ready and helps ensure correct placement and full removal of the product after the treatment. This system has good reviews regarding its effectiveness, but it’s also considered among the most uncomfortable choices in the marketplace.

Kool Lite Whitening is an in-office whitening procedure that promises patients a dazzling white smile in as little as 15 minutes . During this whitening procedure patients are fitted with a compact gel-lined tray positioned carefully in their mouths. To protect their gums from potential irritation, vitamin E oil is applied before the procedure begins. One the gel filled tray is in place, an LED light is applied to illuminate the rig and thereby activate the whitening gel ingredient inside.