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7 Plant-based tips for a healthy weight – kmiz

(BPT) – Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, it’s important to eat a diet that includes a symphony of minimally processed plant foods, according to Sharon Palmer, an award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist, plant-based food and nutrition expert, author and

Small town vs. big pollution black residents allege environmental racism the pew charitable trusts

Uniontown has an inordinate number of polluters for a town of 2,300, and residents say city leaders often dodge their attempts to air their grievances. There’s the landfill next to the historic black cemetery that residents opposed from the beginning

How workplace automation can build a better business

Despite research from the Royal Society for the Arts predicting that robots could replace four million private sector jobs within the next ten years in the UK just last year, a more realistic outlook is emerging. Another report from PwC,

Thoughts on brain death the last time i felt like a healer

I gathered his family into a small room lit with fluorescent lights and stuffed with uncomfortable chairs. The mother and father were surrounded by 5 adult daughters, while 2 sons waited in the intensive care unit. The room fell awkwardly

Expectations for healthy aging rising the sumter item

We now know many of the interacting factors influencing healthy aging – one’s genetic makeup, cellular biology, lifestyle behaviors, personal perspectives about aging, social engagement and environment – and realize the importance of viewing aging as the culmination of all

How to remain resilient during your job search (opinion)

One of the many things we aren’t fully prepared for when it comes to job searching is how long it takes and how demoralizing it can be, especially the first search out of graduate school or your postdoc. Rejection is

Rethinking thermal comfort for a green building era – living building chronicle

But a few things got lost along the way to progress. It wasn’t just that architects neglected porches, high ceilings, dogtrots and other passive features that had distinguished Southern architecture for generations. It also was that people began to occupy

What are nootropics wtop

Dallas Michael Cyr, a 41-year-old life coach and business mentor in San Diego, California, also says he experienced a mental improvement when he regularly took another product called Qualia Mind, which its makers say enhances focus, energy, mental clarity, memory

Pediatrician-approved tips for keeping germs at bay this winter – the washington post

Colder weather is upon us, which means the flu and other winter illnesses will soon follow. Contrary to popular belief, the cold weather itself, or getting caught outside on a cold, rainy day, doesn’t make us sick. However, certain viruses,

How to help your introverted child handle emotional stress

And yet, being such an introverted kid comes with some drawbacks. He doesn’t naturally talk about his emotions or his struggles … instead, he tends to keep everything bottled up inside. But those emotions and struggles don’t go away —

Anxiety and gaming how i learned to stop worrying and love the game the spinoff

There’s a point at which any game, for all narrative and enjoyment purposes, is over and done with. You’ve completed the story and side quests, seen some cool stuff, and hopefully enjoyed the experience. You’re ready to put it aside.

Mass shootings and the politics of death the pavlovic today

I’d initially written this piece after the Danforth Shooting in Toronto , but I never went through with publishing it, likely because I hadn’t yet fully come to terms with my thoughts on the topic. But shootings have been all

South park season 22 episode 1 review dead kids

I feel for Sharon Marsh. “This is crazy,” I repeatedly say to no one as I scroll through Twitter and thump my desk while I avoid writing this review. “Why is no one talking about this?” I screech while shaking

How to design human homes for alien planets

The first humans to set foot on Mars will be greeted by an unfamiliar and unfriendly climate: dust storms, freezing temperatures, and intense radiation will bombard their bodies the moment they descend on the planet’s surface. To survive in this